Vintage pin up underdog Pete Hawley

Jantzen is a swimwear company that dates back to the 1910's. They were able to stay ahead of their competition by employing  cream of the crop in pin up artists. Petty, Barclay, Whitcomb, Vargas were the masters that left their imprint on the label, however today I wanted to focus on a little known but equally talented illustrator.

I am a huge fan of the underdog, rooting for the artists of equal talent yet lacking in press and praise. Pete Hawley, who had a 17 year long relationship (mid 1940's-50's) with Jantzen, had a knack for creating compositions of bold playful beautiful women exuding innocent sexuality through their poses and expressiveness. This winning formula paved the foundations and visual cliches now used in the "modern retro" pin up scene. Pete later went to work under a different name and painted amazingly hilarious child birthday cards for Hallmark throughout the 1960's.

I am a new fan. You can see more here.


Random vintage artists

Today's posting celebrates the works of some lesser known illustrators of the 1930's and 40's who knew how to paint hotties of their time. They deserve some shine.


Edward Runci

I wish I knew who made this chocolate ad. Only 2 colors used. Red and black on white.

Bradshaw Crandell

Unknown :(

Andrew Loomis

Andrew Loomis

George Gross

Clarence Underwood

Arthur William Brown illustration of Greta Garbo

John Lagatta-"Why Don't You Call Him" romance story illustration.


Special thanks to Sheepback Cabin for the history.