A year in portraits.

A look into 90% of the portraits commissions  made for my clients through 2011. Happy New Year.


Ana, Fadila, Yoli, Samara, Jane, Alyson, Sivan, Jennifer, Christina, Jane, Miss Feeny, Lucia, Ana, Jae, Carmen, Zoila, Elda, Tush, Bebe, Lola, Ela Family, Kelin, Tina, Shownine, Jessica, Vintage Vandalizm, Tessa, Jamie Principle, Frankie Knuckles, Eric Kupper, Betty Chantel, Brittany Kaye, Tonya Thomas, Carmen B, Tabatha, Michelle, Chena, Anki, Charlotte, Miranda, Lauren, Samantha, Nicole, Myrna, Lily, Marilyn, Boos Bakes, Charity, Delancie, Sol, Rene, Brooklyn, & Melanie.



Lilly Bee Pinup

I was commissioned recently by one of my fans to come up with a design and illustration for her business. She wanted a sexy bumble bee complete with antenna and stinger basing it on an old pinup illustration called "Spilled Ink" by Joyce Ballentyne. It's a classic pinup art piece of a sexy pinup is creating art, yet having an "oopsy" moment and spilling ink. My client also loved the reinterpretation I used of great pinup master Enoch Bolles style of faces. She also requested a boombox with the Lilly Bee c haracter jamming out to it. Here is the end result.


Portrait of Jennifer for World Lupus Day. See real life version of Jennifer ----> HERE

Jennifer explains: The symbols of Lupus. Purple represents courage and endurance things all lupus patients must have. Butterfly - Traditionally the butterfly represents freedom, transformation and recovery. Also, one of the more common symptoms of Lupus is called a butterfly rash. Wolf - The word lupus in Latin means wolf. This word was used for this disease due to the rash that many patients get a rash across their face that was said to resemble the markings on wolves' faces. Also, the rashes caused by Lupus can look like bite and scratches made by an attacking wolf.

80% of those with Lupus develop it between the ages of 15-45 & Almost 37% of SLE deaths are among people between 15 and 44. Currently 80-90% of Lupus patients survive10 years or more after diagnosis. In a nationwide poll of 1,000 adults conducted for the Lupus Foundation of America, 61% said they knew little to nothing about Lupus. This is a disease that afflicts people of color more so than the caucasian population, however with that being said... what people see of me is not this disease, for I don't look sick ... a little WARPAINT & ATTITUDE goes a long way! ahahaha ;) I have had this disease for 10 yrs. If you understand some of these stats you may have a better understanding of me.

- Jennifer Pavia

The iPhonoegraphy Experiment


iPhone +Photography = iPhoneography. Pushing the limits of what a 2 megapixel camera phone can do.

As much as I yearned getting into photography, the idea of learning to master a professional DSLR camera, with all it's complex settings, gadgets, buttons and operating system never seemed too appealing.

But now I have this little iPhone device in my pocket armed with a might powerful 2 MEGAPIXEL camera, amazing apps and the simplicity of using ONE button.

Low Fi photography has never been so much fun.