Praise & Press

Quotes from my happy clients. 

All referrals below can be provided upon request.

"You make us all look so good."

Frankie Knuckles, Chicago -Godfather of House Music.


"I am known to be incredibly rest-assured, it is TRUE and deserved praise! You literally turn women into Goddesses. Supernal gift!"

Pascal Memishian, Connecticut


"Oh my god.... Oh my god, santi!!!! I am on cloud NINE! This is absolutely incredible... My heart just skipped a beat you are amazing.  Eeeeeeeee! You are something else, man. I am so honored, amazed and blissfully happy THANK YOU!! I can't stop looking at it. You surpassed my wildest imagination. The top of my boobs are perfection. Thank you thank you thank you!"

 Jessie Youngblood, Missouri


"Thank you @portraitsbysantiago for doing such an amazing job ... I love your attention to detail and how easy you made this whole process. I met you years ago at a exhbition in spanish harlem ... i admired your work then as much as i do now. Thank you for giving me something i can pass along to my daughter."

Arelis Magloire, New York


"I am speechless, i can hardly see to type cuz i can't stop crying, it is beautiful it is so very very pretty. Derek i can not even say in words right now how thankful i am, this is more than i ever imagined, i love it so very, very much. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. And yes, please post it, i am very honored. Thank you so very much. Love to you my friend always."

Maureen Garcia, California


"Thank you for all your hard work in creating this beautiful image of me. You are incredibly talented and so professional; your attention to detail is impeccable and I will recommend you highly to anyone I know who is interested. Again, thanks for this amazing product and I look forward to working with you again!!!"

Leah Tress, New Jersey


"Omgggggggggg u just made me cry I love it sooooo much👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 You've made my week my month omg. It's soooooooooo pretty! The flower the hair, omg I can't wait to do a full body one. Oh Santi, How you've made me smile over this week I can't even describe. Thank you sooooooo very much! The purple hair looks sooooo good! I love love love it!"

Kosi Agamah, Canada


"I cried when I saw it completed."

Carlisa Jeter, New York


"Aloha Santiago! I just wanted to let you know I received my portrait and absolutely love it! A couple of my friends are interested in your work and I was very happy to refer them to you. I will probably be in touch in the future to have something else done."

Kanoena Cook, New York


“Omg that is so pretty, honestly I cried lol. Omg I love it. Thank you Thank you."

Carol Toledo , Texas


"I love it. Sooo worth it."

Marylin Montalbo, New York


"AAAAAAHHHHH! LOVE IT! As an art teacher I'm LOVING the era and Aaron Douglas in particular. And our grandparents use to go to the Savoy all the time. Our wedding song was 1940's jazz standard Moody's Mood. Absolutely delighted ((tears of joy)) "


Gigi Goodwin, New Jersey