Back in the day artworks -"Native" -1997

This is one of my earliest examples of taking a drawing and scanning it into my old Mac PowerPc 7100 with a 12 inch monitor. I added color in Photoshop 3 (back when Photoshop came on 4 floppy disks.- wow) Since I was coloring other artists work in comic books as my day job, I asked " why not color my own work?" Up until this time I already painted in Watercolor, Oils, Acrylics, Charcoal, Sumi Brushe ink washes Conté crayon, Wax pencils, Oil pastels, Photography, Animation, Sculpture and was always deeply yearning for new modes of expression that quickly captured the raw essence of my soul the same way "doodling" (my favorite method of art) had. "Painting" in the digital world was a blank slate, a new frontier to be conquered. A few "Indeginous" Americans weren't too happy that I made her look "Soulful", but that is another story for another time.