Back in the day artworks -"Greetings from Tokyo" - 2005

Here is an attempt to emulate vintage postcards from around the world showcasing pleasant attractions and scenery in each letter of the country or city used to lure tourists. The only difference here is that the scenery is fire, screams, death and stomping destruction caused by Godzilla.battling Gamera, Mothra, and terrorizing the masses in Tokyo. 

Since I am really into retro 1960's hotties, I tried to sexy it up a bit adding my "Santiago" version of the two tiny twins (the Shobijin) that sang to Mothra. The movie was released in 1966 so I wanted the old hair styles from back then only rendered in a newer organic flow style you see in my more recent "Vintage Futuristic" works. 

Although I love the art, I failed at graphically communicating what I aimed for. 
It was intended to be satirical, however it's difficult to see what is going on. The lettering should of filled the WHOLE image but is too thin to see what's taking place. 
The over all mood does not work as well. Bright sunny cheery colors emulating the old feeling of postcards should of been used. Not sure why the hell I chose blue. I lost the original file leaving me with a tiny jpeg. :( 

Through my stubborn arrogance, not wanting to look like anyone else, I thought I knew better. Sometimes you have to follow recipes and stay close to already established blueprints instead of reinventing the wheel ....if you want to be clearly understood by your target audience. 

Ah well, it was still fun to make. 

At times in our craft, we can lose are self in creation process, which is a beautiful thing, however don't expect everyone to understand where you are coming from. Everyone has different modes of communication, learning and understanding. This is the big problem I have with post modern conceptual art. I am all for the process of expression, but that rarely means i know what the hell you are talking about and be paid millions for it, unless you are only talking to yourself. If that is the case, then it's great therapy. But not all therapy sessions are enjoyable to witness. I don't care if you are an artist, writer, architect, programmer, or a teacher. KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE and the language they speak if you hope to get to them in the same way Mothra understood the singing twins. 


by Santiago
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