Back in the day artworks -"Dior" -2001

This was created in 2001. It was a long 8 year "blue" period in my life where created such a small output of work. It sucked to feel trapped knowing there was a deep well of creativity inside, yet feeling stuck in an artistic ditch. And also didn't help to be obsessed with perfectionism and over planning, killing any motivation to start which is another form of fear. 

Or perhaps the timing wasn't right. Throughout history many look at young creative achievers like MIchelangelo who painted the entire Sistine Chapel in his early 20s and feel like such a loser in comparison. Others miserably observe celebrities' lives by contrasting themselves. DON'T DO IT. COMPARISON can be deadly to the creative soul. It's dooming to the potential careers of many undiscovered talented. It only inspires artistic career withdrawal and abandonment. 
Wow, I wasted so much freakin time I will never get back comparing myself to others and trying to make the "perfect art piece. It was such a deadly "all or nothing" attitude and most times I ended up choosing the nothing option. That must explain why I've been on a creative rampage lately. 

I have come to learn that things happen in their own timing. All are not meant to shine brightly at a young age. Similar to school late bloomers, some begin to catch their stride later in life. Look at what happens to some who get success too early,.Grown up former child stars are a mess. Athletic superstars miserably reflect on the good old days. Early success is not for everyone. Anyone can still have success, however you define that word, later in life. 

Paul Gauguin the famous painter, was a stockbroker and almost 40 when decided to quit his job, leave France and become one of art history's most important painters. 

Andrea Bocelli the singer, was a lawyer, who did not release his first album until he was 34. 

Grandma Moses painting career began in her seventies after abandoning a career in embroidery because of arthritis. 

Colonel Sanders (Kentucky Fried Chicken) began his franchise in his sixties and can also be deemed a late in life financial success 

Pin-Up star Bettie Page started modeling at the "old age" of 26. 

Charles Bukowski published his first novel at age 49 after a lengthy career working odd jobs and then at a post office. 

Actor Danny Aiello (Do the right thng) began his career late in life. 

Japanese dancer and choreographer Kazuo Ohno did not undertake formal dance lessons until his late twenties. He was 43 years old when he performed his first recital at Kanda Kyoritsu Hall in Tokyo in 1949. 

Fame and fortune are by-products of doing things you are deeply passionate about everyday. Even if you are "beyond the prime age". 
It is never EVER too late to start.