There is nothing new except what has been forgotten. -Marie Antoinette

The cream of the crop of all artforms often comes from the underdog, the underground, the little guy, and the forgotten who deserved more praise than whoever had the fame. Many times fame with lesser talent has more to do with better public relations than a good invention. As the saying goes, "Credit goes the the exploiter of the invention, not the inventor. Sadly the publlc does not care to know the difference.

This is why I scream "ARTISTS INVENTORS AND CREATIVES OF ALL TYPES! Exploit your artistic inventions before someone expliots you!" Now that the internet age is here. We are no longer at the mercy of the gatekeepers of studios, art galleries, museums, artistic cities or other creative politics that once hid the creative class from the public. There is no excuse for any artist to fall into obscurity if he or she can truly help it. Oh yeah, and it's FREE.

One of Mexico's most obscure artist/muralist A.X.Peña leaves us with a classic Mexican Tourist poster in the 1950's for the Mexican Tourist Association. There are only a handful of his works around.