Portrait of Tava.

Amadeus 1790’s portrait styled art transformation of Tava and her Great Dane "Sterling" from Napa Valley, California. 36 x 54 inches in size. Hands down this particular piece is my most detailed elaborate complex transformation I have put my hand to.
Fascinated with long fingernails, Great Dane dogs, men’s French Revolution military uniforms, and an obsession with the 1980s’ Oscar winning motion picture Amadeus, Tava commissioned me to make something incredibly unique merging all her loves into something classic tasteful and historical. It also serves as a reminder of her of the special bond she has with her mother who she loves dearly that she now lives far away from. Rather than explain all the unique elements on the canvas, I think this time I’d leave the interpretations to the viewer.

The process took over 200 hours between research and execution and over 1400 layers to compose. Thank you so much for your patience Tava.

Better Face.jpg