The best fans-friends!

As a creative person, you come across individuals that really enjoy what you do. Then there are  life long die-hards, following you across social networks, purchasing everything you create and unconditionally support all your efforts. Fadila Aalouchi, amazing friend and talented fashion designer for her label FAAYA, is one of those. Not only is she a hardcore fan for almost half a decade, but she took it upon herself to do a "fan photoshoot" with one of the shirts she purchased from my clothing line FRANKIE BABY complete with her B-girl poses, graffiti background and styling it with amazing leopard bottoms that she designed for her line. - all fitting with the "Boombox Bombshell" aesthetic.


 Fadila's own works below.

Moroccan born Fadila is an amazing designer living and designing out of Belgium. She makes incredible fashion designs drawing inspiration from ancient tribal cultures creating sophisticated modern fusions using activism, social justice and world peace as her platform. She even models all her creations herself. Fadila is on a mission promoting global unity and revolution while looking badass, sexy and stylish. I am honored to know her and have her as a friend.

Click link to peep her upcoming clothing line  FAAYA