Back in the day artworks - "Lisa b" 2002

This technique is similar to my earlier "sculptural origami" style portraits, but began composing my images in a "watercolor wash" style with much translucency. I may be going back to this half oil- half watercolor style since it came so amazingly easy. 
Many times we are blessed with a gift or talent that comes so naturally, so effortless yet we, or...errrr.......... I take it for granted and not cherish the gift. As the saying goes: 

"We don't appreciate what comes easy to us in life." 

This applies to art, all talents, marriages, relationships, friends, and circumstances that seem to just fall on our laps. Is it the thrill of the chase? 

Because of my ingratitude, I am still paying a price in many areas of my life. 

Be thankful for what tasks comes easy to you. I don't care who you are, big or small, someone somewhere is amazed and perhaps jealous of something you take for granted.