Back in the day artworks - "Heart River" original version- 2006

2006 was the year when I started really making consistent art. The decade prior I was lost, puttering around, no direction, no ambition, artistically confused. To have all this creative energy and not put it down on paper, canvas, computer sucked so bad. Sometimes was get stuck in a rut and seem to need some inspirational tow truck to pull us out. 

I was hired by a yoga/ spiritual teacher to create an illustration for his business. He wanted the artwork to look like the work of the great Alex Grey. This was my first intro to his work which now has a huge impact on the subject matter of art and what the role of an artist should be. 

I had to render the skeletons, organs nervous system, chakras and muscles each on different layers. It was an insane roller coaster of intertwining flesh, bone and energy. You will also notice this was a perfect playground to play with my abstract emotional energy art to enhance the overall mood.