Back in the day artworks -"Break Through" 2001

This showcases more of my abstract experimental emotional, offbeat, left of center work. It's an exercise of vomiting out raw emotions through digital art. It is quite refreshing to create images that have no restrictive literal accuracy based on the laws of gravity, realism or subject matter. Just pure feeling and spirit as one who dances for the sheer expression of it. The genesis was from frustrations of working as a graphic designer doing catalog work in Quark Express on an old busted computer. The annoyance of using that program and the technical precision one needed drove an organically creative type like me mad as hell. In response, I would take a break, open up Photoshop and "EXPLODE" with burning emotion. During the course of 1999 - 2004 I created almost 500 of these "emotional abstracts". They weren't really done as "ART" to be shown but created soley as a release of a wide gamut of intense feelings. That is why most of the titles are angry keyboard strokes like "ldkfhs;dfj;lsdjgslkfgjskl" or "dlskjfhalksdfals" 

Welcome to my inner rooms. Remember to take off your shoes.