Do schools kill creativity?

Imagine being a music teacher in a public school and having half of the group THE BEATLES in your own class (Paul and George) and not even seeing their young talent or encouraging it. True story.

In american society, the arts takes a backseat to everything else. It is not valued. Therefore most that grow up do not appreciate its worth and expect you to create things from your deepest soul for little compensation with the ever insulting carrot stick phrase of "you will get exposure". But they are only products of their schooling. In most public education systems, art and music one of the first things to be cut during budget reformations. Schools fail to see or nurture some brilliant minds and try to squeeze them into a shape they were never meant to be and end up falling through cracks as we label them "lazy" or "unmotivated".

I HATED school my whole life. I never did well but I loved learning and came alive when it came to art. This amazing clip explains why.