Portrait options

Standard or Premium?

I offer 2 levels of portraiture. Standard, and Premium portraits. They range from simplified graphic canvas art to imaginative, highly customized super hyper realistic painterly mixed media masterpieces. The art sizes span from 12 x 16 to 48 x 60 and can take anywhere from 16 to 100 hours to complete. Payment plans are available You can contact me directly for more info HERE.

Small Standard portraits

Standard portraits contain a step more in detail, color, and minimum transformation but are a bit looser in depth and simpler in realism compared to premium portraits. All standard portraits are full color artworks on canvas stretched over wooden stretcher bars and framed in a "floater" frame as pictured. For more personalized option, canvases can be taken to your local framer.

Standard options are:

• Detailed "Head and Shoulders" portrait

• Simplified full body implied nude

• Retro style portrait.

• Family portrait


 Prices start at $900

Premium transformational portraits

Boudoir, pinup, rockabilly, Hollywood glamour, film noir, Cine Mexicano, Jazz age, Art Deco femme fatales, whatever the retro look, my highly customized vintage transformations are by far my most requested options in portraiture and have become my signature flagship specialty. No other look blends creativity, adorable provocative sensuality with class and sophistication. Our grandmothers were certainly onto something.

Not only do my clients desire to be beautified but to also embrace their cultural heritage, but to also be created as an multicultural and mythological goddesses.

I put my heart and soul into these premium portraits making them the conceptually richest deepest detailed thematic option. Not only am I the artist, but wear multiple hats of a hair stylist, makeup artist, wardrobe stylist, set designer, and art director putting meticulous intricatacies into every facet. Compared to my Basic & Standard portraits, these go above and beyond in realism, creativity and detail.

They range in size from 18 x 24 to 36 x 48. These traditional stretched canvases are mounted over heavy duty wooden stretcher bars compared to thinner standard stretcher bars.

All premium portrait options come framed in temporary "floater" frames until you are ready to personalize frame to match home decor. 

These may take up 160 hours to complete spread over a 1 year turnaround depending on client list and detail.

Gold options come with complimentary smart phone hard case (iPhone/ Samsiung) & and tablet skin (iPad/Kindle/Nook)

Prices start at $2500