This pinup revival thing has gone from counter culture to mainstream, yet the lack of ethnic imagery (new or old) in a country as diverse as ours is quite shocking. During my years of researching for my own pin up artworks, frustration took hold of me at the lack of retro beauty delving deeper than caucasian glamour hinting as if vintage pin-up was exclusive to one type. I could care less about what era or continent a woman is from. Beauty is beauty and beauty is timeless! It encompassing all colors, shades, hues, shapes and epochs. 

Because of so much discrimination, women of color had no equal access to the top photographers of the time, so they took matters into their own hands. I have come across so many rare gems in my finding that I feel compelled to share and help fill this vacuum, this neglected part of the pin-up world. I hope to inspire, to educate, expose and provide some history of the colors of beautiful glamour, pinup and Burlesque during the mid century. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do.

• Disclaimer: Due to the realities of that era some headlines may disturb   some viewers. 

Special thanks to "Vieilles Annonces"